Property Development

We have been developing property in the UK for over 40 years. We have designed and built many types of property and we have faced and overcome most of the challenges a property developer can encounter on any given project on any given day.

We understand the market and operational challenges of delivering successful projects year in year out.

We believe that PropFin can serve the UK property development community, acting as a reliable financing partner, to help achieve the scale and quality of housing we can all be proud of.

Finance & Technology

We have worked in finance and technology for decades. We have witnessed the good and the bad across many cycles in multiple sectors.

We understand responsible lending and the need for a human approach to fully appreciate the complexity of each lending situation.

We believe that PropFin’s integrated approach between human and technology processes can lead to the growth of a dependable financing partner to deliver to the needs of the UK property development community, helping to accelerate UK house building.