Lifestyle investments

Many savers used to enjoy a passive income from their interest payments on savings.

Allowing businesses to work your money can net you a decent living, from the interest payments alone. For example, an 8.5% return on $250k capital is $21,250 pa gross before deductions. Each month you will receive repayments into your online account, comprising interest earned and capital repaid.

Withdrawal options to suit your lifestyle

  • All interest: Monthly transfer of all interest earned
  • Half interest: Monthly transfer of half the interest earned
  • Capital builder: No interest transactions - all interest is reinvested as lending capital
  • Fixed amount:   e.g. 10.00You specify how much you wish to receive each month
  • Manual: Simply use your dashboard to withdraw on request

All transfers go back into the same account from which the funds were originally provided.

Minimum & Maximum

Lenders may have a maximum of $500,000 capital employed on the platform. From this, we forecast interest earnings of over $40,000 a year in interest, which can be paid directly into your bank account each month (or according to the options above). The limit allows many lenders to benefit from the returns generated (rather than just a few very wealthy individuals) and to stimulate competitive lending.

A minimum of $10 can be lent to each loan opportunity.