About Sponsors & Introducers

Who are Sponsors and what do they do?

Sponsors are the first point of contact for potential borrowers. They are finance broking professionals, usually teams that include at least one person with relevant banking experience. They assess the business proposals of a borrower and vet applications for loans. They help the borrower to prepare the information of their business to be presented to lenders on the platform. That includes meeting with the borrower and getting to know their business, team and potential, as well as assessing the security on offer. They answer questions from lenders during the auction and monitor the loan after it has been completed. Borrowers cannot be featured in an auction without the support of a Sponsor.

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

The Sponsors are part of the ThinCats Australia network and play an important part in how the platform develops. They help borrower’s businesses grow and develop and are pleased to be part of a movement that is helping SMEs to grow to achieve their business goals. The role of the Sponsor is reflected in the income they receive as a result of the loans they facilitate. This in turn makes the relationship with ThinCats Australia very important for a Sponsor. Their desire to maintain that important source of income aligns their interests with building and preserving their reputation for quality and support.

Who are Introducers?

The role of an Introducer is to refer the Sponsor to SME businesses who wish to seek funding through the ThinCats Australia platform.

Becoming an Introducer

Introducers will be paid a fee for introducing borrowers and originating loans.

If you are interested in becoming an introducer and to obtain details of fees, you can contact us at sponsors@thincats.com.au and we will be in touch.

Please provide some information about yourself and why you think you might be suitable for the role.